It was an age in which people lost an identity to find on. An age where previous fads reemerged, devoid of all its past originality in an attempt to possess its own unique trend. Entertainment ruled the masses to transport them to a world they wished to call their own, and beauty was weighed equivalent of all that is essentially desirable, to the point people were slaves to their bodies in an impossible pursuit of transfiguring themselves into an adaption of a modern day model. And such was a beauty of society, whose powder weighed more than all their mass and all actions were inspired to better their mere appearance than that of the world.
Motivation was forever omnipresent, but always in areas it need not be. Education and progress of society yielded to temporary release in material pleasures. Good sensibility faded to prejudices fueled by insecurities that dominated a time pleading for acceptance. Love seemed an excuse for a party and a good hearty year or two before it ended and was replaced wtih another, as simple as an alteration of fashion. Romance was foreign when society transformed it into cliche, and promiscuity was more indulged in than charity and progress. Life was lived one day at once, and entirely for oneself.


Julianna Marie Claire Poems

You Can'T Miss Something You Never Had

Once, long ago
A very wise person told me
That you can't miss something you never had.
I had told you wrong,... more »

All Paper Has To Offer

My words on paper...
My dreams,
My tears on paper...
My hopes and sadness accumulated over the years on paper.... more »

Fake Moon

There is no moon for me in my cage,
Nothing to see in this world of rage.
Just me and myself, my lonely, helpless self,
Staring in the blank sky at my fake moon.... more »

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