• A Song Of Myself

    I celebrate myself and sing myself
    For this is a song I write-
    A story in books that sits on a shelf
    With memories to incite.... more »

  • All Paper Has To Offer

    My words on paper...
    My dreams,
    My tears on paper...
    My hopes and sadness accumulated over the years on paper.... more »

  • Fake Moon

    There is no moon for me in my cage,
    Nothing to see in this world of rage.
    Just me and myself, my lonely, helpless self,
    Staring in the blank sky at my fake moon.... more »

  • Hopeless Dreams

    Days of my life dreaming of you...
    Singing sweet songs from my heart,
    Hoping we are never torn apart
    In a dream I wish would come true.... more »

  • I Am The Rock That You Passed By

    I Am the rock that you Passed by
    -In the Pursuit of a Bright gem.
    For it is the natural Inclination of mankind
    To Hurry after them.... more »

  • Its Pressure

    The pressure of a boulder crushes bone-
    My ribs into my lungs. I am the drone
    That walks, aimlessly, into the flame
    Of my destruction. It is where I came... more »

  • Last Recollections

    A bleeding heart beats,
    Slowing ending its tune,
    Whilst the tale completes
    Of a life ended too soon.... more »

  • Love & Life Go Hand-In-Hand

    It is the faulty weakness of the heart
    To find love first before life may start.
    For are we not born the day we wed,
    Or do we start anew instead?... more »

  • Nature Memories

    Flowers blooming in the grass,
    Birds are chirping in the sky
    I wish this moment would always last,
    But life must go on- it must go by-... more »

  • Ode To A Firefly

    How lucky are you, my companion dear,
    To natigate through the night,
    Illuminating a world from your rear
    To cast it all in light?... more »

  • Promises Of Tomorrow

    Seven years of waiting in a Prism of the Past
    As the River flows as swiftly as my Blood
    I know my life won't always last
    But the Rose of all life Slumbers still inside its bud.... more »

  • Without You

    Darkness, Darkness,
    Where is the light?
    Please let me go;
    Let me take flight.... more »

  • You Can'T Miss Something You Never Had

    Once, long ago
    A very wise person told me
    That you can't miss something you never had.
    I had told you wrong,... more »