• I Cry

    I cry for you.
    My heart yearns for you every night.
    I try my best to carry on,
    but darkness and bitterness never fails.... more »

  • Screaming

    For this, I will scream.
    and wail.
    I will wail for thee all night long.
    For thy wound is incurable.... more »

  • Tears

    It comes in the silence of the night when no one is watching.
    It touches my face so softly, but built with anger.
    The room starts to fade away, and I am alone.
    It starts heavily down my tender skin.... more »

  • Why Did You Change?

    Why did you change?
    what did I do?
    We use to be the tightest.
    But now it's like i never knew you.... more »

  • Your Fault

    You took my hand in pulled be in.
    I begged you not to,
    but you did.
    I was under your spell, yet alone and afraid.... more »