Julie Rogers Biography

Well, my name is Julie, my online alias is usualy Kat..I have been writing poetry since i was young enough to figure out how it works.. lol
Ive won a few contests on poetry.com, and had a few of them published in the books they produce.

And i placed second in an audio online poetry reading. Out of 30 contestants. I love to play the Tenor Saxophone, and ive been on it for about 5 years. I am 17 years old, and a High School grad, and going to college. Im very artistic, i love to read and draw, as well as write.

I was born into a very small town, my mother and I were always very close, my father, however, were never as close as I wanted. He is out of my life now and i no longer speak of him.

I am a Christian, I like to think I'm very close with God, though sometimes, I wish i could be closer. Without him, and knowing that he is there with me wherever i go... I dont think i would have the inner strength to want to go on.

My inspiration for my writing comes purely from my heart, most of it from people in my life. One very special person in particular, Calvin, has been with me through thick and thin over the years. We dated for three years, which is longer than alot of people are actually married...and sometimes I feel like the bond we share is stronger than anyone elses could ever be.

Life is hard without someone there to lend a helping hand every once in a while...and with him, I always have an outstreched hand awaiting me, and a shoulder to cry on.

My love for poetry and writing is immense, and i dont think a single day goes by that i dont have a story going through my head. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with ideas, I just have to write them all down. And thats where most of my ideas come from.

Im currently writing a novel.. its untitled at the moment, and only has eight chapters... but its a working progress.. and i hope to have it published one day, after its finished.