my favorite quote in life is 'Carpe Diem'
and i live by this qoute. writting has allow me to create new worlds, commit suicide and come back to life. writting is fun for me, i don't believe in rules when i write, some times my lines will rhyme other times they won't even be close to. i like to write in the spur of the moment if i can't finish a poem in less than 30 minutes i trash the page and those lines are gone. currently i'm wanting to find a group of people to just conversate from now and then, maybe once a week get together and talk bout experiences, school, tachnology, poetry and all those life gifts that we might take for granted. i live in atlanta, georgia that's in the U.S
i enjoy deep conversation, and most important i love an honest friend


julio anzueto Poems

I Found You

In my dream i found you
your eyes looked into mine and made me yours
your hand reached for me and made part of your life
your lips capture mine and with a kiss you changed my life... more »

Home Alone

rainnig outside, the sky is gray there's not much light.
the house is quiet, family has left me
my feelings begin a riot, killing me from inside
my hope is fihgting back, but my the desire to quit... more »

Que Perdi?

Que perdí al cruzar la frontera, ? mi juventud se fue quedando atrás
con cada paso que tomaba,
Mi esperanza iba siendo arrebatada de mi alma conforme me
acercaba a las puertas donde sueños y la belleza de la vida son... more »

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