• A Small Explanation

    i wanna help you understand my life, first of all how much do you love your life?
    life is not like a wife, you only get one chance, not twice, nor three, you
    can't divorce from life and get another chance.
    each day i wake up in a different house, hove you ever been kicked out... more »

  • Beba

    ah beba you drive me crazy,
    my brain disconnects from my senses
    when i think of you and it takes me to a world of fantasies,
    a world where i can be with you... more »

  • Good Night

    good night, this I say from a distance of miles as my heart pauses,
    pounding, and screaming in need of your dear presence.
    As we each lay apart my thoughts come to me foreshadowing your eyes,
    your sweet lips kissing mine, your hands holding mine but then i realize we are still laying apart.... more »

  • Home Alone

    rainnig outside, the sky is gray there's not much light.
    the house is quiet, family has left me
    my feelings begin a riot, killing me from inside
    my hope is fihgting back, but my the desire to quit... more »

  • I Found You

    In my dream i found you
    your eyes looked into mine and made me yours
    your hand reached for me and made part of your life
    your lips capture mine and with a kiss you changed my life... more »

  • If I Have To

    And if I have to change my clothes for those of a grown up man,
    I will. And if I have to betray my innocence to become a mature man,
    I will do so for her, I will do this to attract her, and then she will
    be mine. “Oh lover dressed in man’s clothes, oh lover with... more »

  • Mothers Of Revolution

    Let your sons carry the guns and fight their revolution,
    but make them carry their books before they touch the guns.
    A revolution will not be won by force of weapons only;
    the real victory can only be claimed by beating your enemy... more »

  • Outside Conformity

    As soon as I took my first stept outside conformity,
    I felt ready to front reality, for this is essencial in every man's life,
    I am motivated to do so, in order to call myself a man of life.
    reality is not be scape from, it is here for us to live with, think of... more »

  • Que Perdi?

    Que perdí al cruzar la frontera, ? mi juventud se fue quedando atrás
    con cada paso que tomaba,
    Mi esperanza iba siendo arrebatada de mi alma conforme me
    acercaba a las puertas donde sueños y la belleza de la vida son... more »

  • Screaming Silently

    I scream at the top of my lungs
    but no one hears me.
    I cry alone in the dark but
    no one knows.... more »

  • Stronger

    I shall now be stronger than ever
    when the times of hardship come and along with them a strong anger stroke
    I shall be stronger than time and anger both combined as one
    when my dreams, my hope, and faith are close to be gone and the shape of my happiness sees itself disturbed and even shattered by pain and madness... more »

  • Sweet Pain Of Mine

    ... more »

  • That Friend

    friendless i was untill she came in a white dress,
    she helped me get rid of stress,
    she had me up in the sky
    if it'd been up to me i'd taken her as my bride.... more »

  • The Heart Beat Of Defeat

    life became a game of alcohol and my actions became unethical.
    do or die became an excuse to get high, and forget there was still light after the night.
    i was on the sidelines when drugs took over my soul, the referee forgot to call that foul.... more »

  • The Moment

    me, I'm not the same.
    I do not recall the exact moment,
    when I ceased being me, but I did.
    and so I became not me.... more »

  • To My Dear Friend

    The labor hours are over now, the day now allowes me time
    to relax my soul, body, and mind. Dear friend the days of
    childplay, immaturity, and irresponsability are behind but that is not
    a matter of regret. the only regret in my life... more »

  • Today

    Allow our minds to ignore the months that long kept us apart.
    Let us now forget the cold days at which we drew tears from our eyes,
    let us forget those days.
    Dance my love, today we rejoice, today we laugh, today, today is our day.... more »

  • Weak

    weak is my soul.
    but feel no sorrow for me, for i am not wothy of sorrow,
    for i have allowed my soul into weakness.
    is this a curse?... more »

  • Who Are You?

    my paper you are.
    you are the candle that offers me light in the dark.
    the first line of my poem you are.... more »

  • You Are Life

    You are the lightning that strikes my heart,
    in a second you excert the life from my heart.
    Like a poison you are,
    your non-loyal actions run down my veins,... more »

  • Your Time To Think

    Allow you time to think, allow you time to cheat.
    Ask me for a break, i'll tell you to leave.
    For i can't live nor be part of yours lies and sorry life you live.... more »