• Fire Burns Down

    like smoke in your eye
    an uncontrollable cry
    like an unsolved question
    still asking why... more »

  • Our Dad

    I talked to my dad today. We love eachother! Who could break the bond between a father and daughter? I wont let a man or a bad memory come into play.
    I miss playing with him when I'd swing upside down between his legs, playing on grandma's bar, and singing in the van.
    I remember feeling bad 'cause I couldn't harmonize like my sis.
    I love him ('half a heart') in the same room where at 3 and 4 I stole the abandoned cups of coffee to add to the joke of stunted growth.... more »

  • The Ghosters

    Bye mom we're going out to play
    Sshhhh…sneak by the window and past the maple tree
    Put one foot forward and slide down with me.
    The road on the left down the fire escape, ……. but run
    we’re not allowed to stay out later than the sun... more »