I love soccer and football i play football every morning i get i play soccer with my brother who is 7 iam 15 my b-day is may 11 1992. i was born in a little town in texas Center TX I lived is San Augustine since i was i baby. When i was 10 i moved to Carboldale Illions I lived their 4 1years with my mom and aunts and uncle. Then i moved back To Texas to lived with my dad Because my mom could only keep 2 Of us at the time. So i Told my mom i would go to live with my dad My brother, and sister got to stay. After couple of months my sister came to live with me and my dad. Then when i was 13 my mom came back to take care of me and my sister Then i came here to live with my mom and Husband It almost been two years.


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ur good. and gloria says hi tomorrow. and I can't stand just being ur friend...but I guess I'll have to live w/ it.