• A Womens Tears

    When you look at me with tears
    When you look deep into my eyes
    How powerful is life
    Thats when your soul speaks to mine... more »

  • Beauty

    The beauty you claim as yours
    Is borrowed.
    Know this
    And move in this... more »

  • Beyond Words

    What is this message? A message from life?
    Tell me more, give me more hints.
    Hit me over the head if you like, you have my permission.
    I smell a flower somewhere, but where.... more »

  • Butterfly

    You are heavens bird
    With your silence you entrance me
    Your eyes wound me
    Your song is in your movements... more »

  • Cerca De Tu Lado

    ... more »

  • Corazon

    ... more »

  • For You

    I'm giving you my friendship
    It's yours now
    Keep it in your pocket
    Your purse... more »

  • Home

    ... more »

  • Laughters Neighbor

    Stop what your doing.
    Come a little closer to my poem.
    Read it in the garden of your soul.
    Wheres that you ask?... more »

  • Morning Dew

    The morning Sun
    cannot help but love
    the morning dew
    You see... more »

  • Ocean Stones

    Built from great constellations and long forgotten rivers
    I give you my restless poems without regret.
    Yes it’s true that I’ve been on the move lately
    and have little time to talk.... more »

  • Rain And A Good Book

    Rain has found my little cottage.
    Cold air enters my living room.
    My wife just gave me a fresh warm cup cake.
    These simple things are all gifts to me.... more »

  • Sweet Little Bird

    Sweet little bird
    Where are you now?
    You arrived in my eyes
    With your sweet laughing voice... more »