Well i write because it is something i like to do and its a great way to express emotions. i love poems because it lets you use your imagination to figure out what they are talking about and compare your own life. i am trying to improve in my writing skill so if you have any insight on my poetry or tips, that would be great! i'm just a teenager trying to get my way through life. i like skateboarding, band and snowboarding, writing and music! ! !


Just Becca Poems

Our Fairytale

This is our fairytale right?
you may be no knight
in shining armor
and i may be no princess... more »

You Told Me

You broke my heart
Not for long
But long enough
You took the picture... more »

She's Ready

I look at her and see stars in her eyes
It's been a long time since i've seen this
Her heart is done with all the breaks
She's ready to look out and see what the future makes... more »

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