• A Break To Get Away

    I'm sick of being like this
    I don't know if its worth it
    I know its not all your fault
    And that you think it's all mine... more »

  • Almost A Year

    I realize we're done
    It's almost been a year
    My shoulders free from the weight
    I've had for so long... more »

  • Am I Losing It?

    why does it always come to this
    me on the verge of breaking
    you're ready to give up
    yesterday we were fine... more »

  • Becca

    is that all i am?
    a name that can be changed from night to day
    but maybe i want to be somebody
    somebody who was born in May... more »

  • Fear The Same

    I look at the New Year
    Thinking how great it must be
    Then i look at the past
    ANd remember i used to be happy too... more »

  • Friends

    their not there when you need them
    but there when you don't
    their awesome though
    but not as great as you would think them to be... more »

  • Goodbye

    There she stood waving him goodbye
    he turned his head for one last look
    then he turned around
    she watched his body covered in the army green... more »

  • His Eyes

    I see his eyes
    Asking me questions
    I can't make out
    Looking at me... more »

  • His Song

    You ask me whats wrong
    But I couldn't think
    I didn't know what happen to our song
    I knew the chorus was missing... more »

  • I Just Don'T Know

    I don't know what to do
    I just want you to be safe
    I can't let anything hurt you... more »

  • I Think I'Ll Stay Away From You

    Where's this all coming from
    Why is it happening now?
    You came up to me and tell me these things
    Like now is the time to talk... more »

  • I Wanna Say I'M Sorry

    i wanna say i'm sorry
    but i don't know if thats enough
    i acted out of anger
    nothing really much... more »

  • Memories

    i look through these pictures
    all they do is make me sick
    what was i thinking?
    why didn't i see?... more »

  • No Longer Just A Little Song

    I let you through my fence
    It seems to be making me really tense
    Why are you so sweet?
    You seem to be so concrete... more »

  • Our Fairytale

    This is our fairytale right?
    you may be no knight
    in shining armor
    and i may be no princess... more »

  • Second Thoughts

    You're chipping away at my heart
    Piece by piece and soon it will be gone
    Next you'll take my mind and then my body
    I will have nothing left to give... more »

  • She's Ready

    I look at her and see stars in her eyes
    It's been a long time since i've seen this
    Her heart is done with all the breaks
    She's ready to look out and see what the future makes... more »

  • That Boy

    There's always that boy
    that gives you the heebie jeebies
    every time you see him
    the one you know will never notice you... more »

  • The Music

    The music is my medicine
    it heals my deepest wound
    from broken hearts to bleeding cuts
    i'll turn it up... more »

  • What Is Wrong With Me?

    i look at you
    you hide them so well
    i realize that you feel to
    but usually it's to hard to tell... more »

  • Why?

    Why are we always fighting?
    why are you always gone?
    why do you say so much that you don't mean?
    why are you always in trouble?... more »

  • You

    i don't know what to do
    i'm lost without you
    i don't like you
    but i love you... more »

  • You Have My Heart

    When you grab my hand
    You always let go
    But when you grabbed my heart
    You had no plans to do so... more »

  • You Told Me

    You broke my heart
    Not for long
    But long enough
    You took the picture... more »

  • You'Re Losing Yourself

    i think you're losing yourself
    each piece breaking off
    i wish you would tell me... more »