• (be Strong Now) My Night With Her In August

    I can see the nightingale sing
    Our love's more colorful than a starling
    Take my hand, and be strong now, girl
    Cuz it's our heart shaped world... more »

  • 12 Years

    12 years have passed
    Since I said goodbye to my youth
    As well as the fun times... more »

  • 13

    Standing outside
    By the soda machine
    At this convenience store
    I spy with my little eye... more »

  • 1987

    We run up and down barefoot through the street
    We're both dazed and happy in this world
    Bubblegum heroes pull us through the day
    Sparks of magic fizzle in the sky... more »

  • 1989

    It's all elemental
    When the Candy Girl and the Electric Youth meet
    The digger is going up and going down
    Rising up and rising down... more »

  • 1995

    I want to be in a world of believers
    Where I'll get the opportunity to shake the tree
    Where I can finally see miracles of divine intervention
    To be in a world with good intentions... more »

  • 2011

    It's 2011
    And I'm waving to all of you
    Even though you're all up in Heaven... more »

  • 2012

    It's 2012
    And I'm happy to be myself
    I'm happy to be alive... more »

  • 21 Gun Salute

    I dropp to one knee
    I unbuckle my helmet
    And I slam it to the ground
    And I count my blessings... more »

  • 21 Sacraments For The Descent Of The Holy Mother

    You and I are lovers
    And along the way
    Love and pain trade blows with one another... more »

  • 7 Hours

    Today's a sunny day
    And there's a lot of time to go with it
    For me
    I want to celebrate and have fun for 7 hours... more »

  • A Beautiful Fairy And The Fairy Dust Rain

    Around this time of the year
    The arrival of Spring is near
    The arrival of Spring is almost here
    And I'll happily be one with the spirits of nature... more »

  • A Blank Page With Hearts Drawn On It

    Well I wonder
    I wonder what you think of me
    As I stare at you from a far
    I can tell as you stand where you are... more »

  • A Boy And His Blob

    A boy sits in a chair
    Inside his room
    Staring at the stars
    Night dreaming away... more »

  • A Charming Man And Lovely Ladies

    I'm still searching for a love
    And you girls each want to meet a guy
    A guy to hold in the palm of your hand
    A guy to hold your hand... more »

  • A Conversation With The Fairies

    Strolling along with a few of the fairies
    We stop for a moment or two
    Just to take in the scenes before us
    The scenes of nature... more »

  • A Dead Knight And His Horse

    Fighting through the haunted stables
    The enemies were plenty
    And they were able
    But I defeated each and every one of them... more »

  • A Gift From The Mermaids

    Washing ashore
    I see a pendant

    Picking it up... more »

  • A Harpy Flies Around The Outer Wall

    The blood red moon surely shines bright tonight
    As a harpy flies around the Outer Wall

    Flying around the Outer Wall... more »

  • A Jaunt Through The Courtyard

    The castle is near
    All we have to do to get there is a jaunt through the courtyard

    Keep your weapons at the ready... more »

  • A Little Night Music

    A little night music plays on
    As I walk tonight
    The stars are sublime
    While many fly by in the sky before... more »

  • A Million Eyes

    They know the truths
    They know the lies
    They know what you've done
    They know what I've done... more »

  • A Million Stars

    A million stars appear in the sky
    And they glow brightly
    As well as purely and nightly... more »

  • A Night At The Cafe

    Walking by
    It's nighttime out here
    Elvis Costello and the Attractions are performing ' Everyday I Write The Book ' on my Ipod
    It's been a great day so far... more »

  • A Night For A Down And Out Skeleton

    A skeleton sits down beside its grave
    Knees propped up
    He rests his head against his knees
    In his hand he's grasping a beautiful rose... more »