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Thank You

Your gorgeous blonde hair shimmering in the light,
Your beautiful smile ever so bright,
Your stunning hazel eyes sparkle like a star,
Like a broken glass found in a bar;... more »

Day By Day

Day by day I feel the need to kill
to stain with their blood soon I will.
The extent of me deeds will be sought,
to see them cry as they twisted and fought.... more »

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Paul Slinski 10 Apr 2005 09:50
Before you start commenting on other people's poetry, I would suggest doing a bit more reading. Your 'style' borders on classic poetry mixed with modern-day angst poems. This is to be expected, I suppose; you're young and you have to start somewhere. But without the proper knowlege of the many, many formats of poetry, you cannot possibly leave me or anyone else an honest, thoughtful critique. Read more modern poetry as it is a bit easier to grasp. Explore and expand.