• A Haunting Deja Vu

    Anxiously willing to present your heart as an award
    To the first person willing to accept it
    You give it away to the least likely candidate
    And the moment it leaves your hands... more »

  • Hypocrisy's An Addiction

    Forgive me for my flaws out number my features
    I've lost count of the times I've said 'it will be different this time'
    A truth laced with lies spoken ever so insincerely
    For sincerity is not without consequence of action... more »

  • I Know You... I Danced With You Once Upon A Dream.

    There's few things that make a heart beat go faster
    But your presence can make a heart beat just stop
    Your smile can turn the worst day upside down
    Just the brush of your hand makes the room spin around... more »

  • I Left My Alibi In Room 104

    He stays up all night to try and catch her in the act
    And he knows she'll be sneaking through that door any minute
    There she stands with no excuse and no escape
    Her blood red hands are giving her away... more »

  • I Loved You Once

    I loved you once, or so I thought
    But now it seems that I forgot
    Just what love means and how love feels
    Or what it is that makes love real... more »

  • Life As A Lake

    Sinking slowly on a boat filled with holes
    The water creeps in with a terrifying chill
    It submerges my feet and climbs past my ankles
    Letting me know it will soon invade my lungs... more »

  • Somewhere Between Dreams And Nightmares

    Her words carry over the silence of the freezing midnight air
    And when they reach my ears I can hardly wait to hear them
    Soft and soothing her voice brings an intoxicating joy
    More incredible and more amazing then anything I’ve ever known... more »

  • The Fatal Mistake

    I'd be careful if I were you
    You walk a more dangerous line than you know
    Surrounded by cliffs that scream out your name
    Where darkness awaits your fatal mistake... more »

  • What Can I Say You Inspire Me...

    You're like an artist with the way you paint me up to be the criminal
    I'll be your mistake but not your masterpiece
    I watch closely as you depict my character through your paintbrush
    Then stare at the canvas as it transforms into a mirror... more »