• 3 Way Crash

    sweet confusion
    loving widespread panic
    in my head
    in my language... more »

  • Bitterness And Others

    this is your bitterness
    that wants to be set free
    that wants you to know, to seek
    to have the freedom of curiosity... more »

  • Blue

    the blue one is the most beautiful
    the most tragic planet
    a shiny marble rolling through
    this desert of darkness... more »

  • Dancefloor

    there is no part of the city that Love will refuse to dance
    there is no one He'd refuse a dance with

    but there are countless who think they can dance... more »

  • Dark Side

    i'm from the dark side
    but i'm one of the lucky ones... more »

  • Der Ganzen Welt

    I love the city
    and all its connections
    people laid out before you
    hundreds of faces... more »

  • In All Of Us

    when the rooster crowed
    then i remembered
    then i knew
    and it hit me so deep... more »

  • Joy

    Joy of my heart
    Truth of my mind
    Delight of my soul
    My everything... more »

  • Many Titles

    Love incarnate
    Love infinite
    grant our love for you endurance
    let us always be enchanted, ensorcelled... more »

  • Master Pieces

    u say I repeat myself
    you say i repeat myself
    but maybe I just repeated you... more »

  • Mlk

    He had a dream
    our children have restless nights
    he had a dream
    and we have nightmares... more »

  • Pax Aeternam

    Your armies marched and warred
    five thousand patient years
    through our hell, dark and scarred
    dried up by death and fear... more »

  • Price

    you could buy my love
    with your love
    and make my heart yours... more »

  • Sick And Tired

    I'm sick and tired of
    people being sick and tired
    this country needs more exercise... more »

  • Sprawl

    the city sprawls across a dirt heap of earth
    a glistening parasite bearing metal teeth
    laid out on the desk of a high school biology class
    cars cutting lines across it... more »

  • The Book Of Life

    why did i lose my friend,
    why did i lose that girl,
    why did we move away from home,
    and how much did my depression hurt?... more »

  • The Declaration Of Intransigence

    we're your:
    sworn enemies
    masses in revolt
    plotting together a campaign of sins... more »

  • The Pen, The Heart, The Mirror

    The pen is mightier than the sword
    the heart is weaker than a rat
    i can't change this big world by myself
    i can't live if you won't live... more »

  • Tragic Beauty

    The heart is an organ
    located in the middle left of the chest
    it's main function is pumping blood through the body.
    the heart pumps two thousand gallons a day... more »

  • Walls Come Tumbling Down

    I've driven around your block so many times
    chasing myself in circles
    lost, screaming, raving, raging like a crazy person
    honking, endangering myself and others... more »

  • While He May Be Found

    i looked for you at parties
    i swam to the bottom of bottles

    i looked for you in money... more »