• I Hate It

    i hate it when u look at me
    i hate it when u smile ur smile
    i hate it when u say hi 2 me and wave
    i hate it when u think u noe everything... more »

  • Leave

    y r u being like tis
    ur alwayz makin fun of
    u never leave me alone
    i want to be left alone... more »

  • Let Me Be

    you wouldnt understand
    how could u
    u were never my age
    u were never were a teenager... more »

  • Love Is....

    love is when u care about someone
    more then u care about anyone else
    love is when that one person is ur life
    that one person also feels the sameway... more »

  • Nothing Seems Rite

    nothing seems rite anymore
    i feel so different now
    i feel like no one luvs me anymore
    i feel like im losing my best freind and much more... more »

  • When I

    When i found out u were sick
    I cried
    When I found out u were going to die
    I sat at your side... more »

  • When Im With Or Without

    when i meet u
    i had a thougth in my mind
    no way there was a chance for us... more »

  • Would U

    What would u do if i died tommorow
    whould u cry
    would u laugh
    would u not care and walk away... more »