• Are You Here?

    I think about you
    when I sit in my room,
    I wish I was with you
    I wish you felt this way too.... more »

  • -book Of Love

    Have you ever listened to a piece of music that is so powerful it gives you unspeakable chills?
    I have come across one today that speaks to me in such a profound way.
    It is absolutely everything combined, the lyrics, the orchestral accompaniment and the vocals;
    deep and soulful, taking just one element away and the whole thing would not suffice.... more »

  • Broken Chords

    I hardly understand my chords,
    I'm always lost and out of tune.
    Adjust my strings again and again,
    But 'til now I can't rhyme my notes.... more »

  • Friend

    My dearest friend of mine,
    I wonder where you are,... more »

  • Gray

    I know you don't know, but you can make me up and down.
    I know you can't here me, but you make me laugh and cry.
    I know you're so far but I keep you in my heart.
    It's been awhile I feel like this and... more »

  • His Life

    Abandoned hopes that seem to convict me
    on a life that was filled with sorrow.
    Evening time starts to crawl on my mind
    morning was there with tears to see light.... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    My life is a mistake,
    What would I expect.

    I know You know They all know,... more »

  • I Miss You, Ma..

    Angel, angel of mine...
    This memory of you makes me want to cry
    Since you slipped away, you're always on my mind
    Why did you have to fly away like that?... more »

  • Ich Liebe Dich Mein Alien

    you make me smile
    you make me cry,
    i hear your voice
    i see your smile.... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    i dont wanna see you
    i dont wanna know you're sad
    i dont wanna hear your shout
    i dont wanna feel you now,... more »

  • In Life

    in life;
    you may see darkness,
    you can feel loneliness,
    you might cry, and... more »

  • In The Eyes Of Harmony

    See the importance of the life
    In reflections of eyes that looks upon
    Feel the touch of the inspiration
    Embraces the personality on... more »

  • Life

    In life in silence
    The song call its tune again
    Within all of old memories
    Another day to begin... more »

  • Memories

    Years had gone with our presence
    Smiles fade in our memories
    Remembering way it becomes
    An answer to our sadness... more »

  • My Friend

    I was standing alone,
    feel the pain,
    crying in silence,
    & vowed never to laughed again.... more »

  • This Girl

    Long time ago,
    I met this girl.
    Her eyes are bright,
    Like a river sky.... more »

  • U&i

    ... more »