• A Patch Of Wilderness

    The promise of fantasy is the fruit-laden trees
    And the cool crystal pool of Tantalus.
    With insatiable hunger
    One reaches out to the sweet outgrowth;... more »

  • Eight Years With You

    I had but one question before I married you.
    I wondered if life'd be happier with you.
    I needn't think hard, because just by watching you,
    I knew I could never be with any man who isn't like you.... more »

  • Idiosyncracy

    ... more »

  • Living On

    Long had slumber governed the pen
    Though the wells of the soul had overflown
    And the hands ached with the longing to release
    The fiery passion that had crushed the bones.... more »

  • Mechanics

    In this game, one heart is bound to be broken.
    The goal is to be the one to break the other's heart.
    My loss was certain because I can't even break a bone.
    So I broke my own heart, so you don't have to do it.... more »

  • Musings Of A Waiting Bride

    Many are the woes in my mind.
    Marching and mocking, they surround my heart.

    Must I stand broken and forlorn as an abandoned bride,... more »

  • Prayer Of An Erring Minister

    Send me not away from Your Presence!
    If not to You, where else is it good to go?
    If not with You, where else is it better to be?... more »

  • She Was Broken

    She was broken and he made her whole.
    She was whole and you broke her.
    Now she tries to pull herself back again.
    She wouldn’t want to ask him to make her whole again;... more »

  • The Sanctuary

    The ruins lay before me.
    I turned my back on them and left them.
    You came and you brought with you pieces of the ruins.
    Standing before me, as if in a vision,... more »

  • We Are One

    Oh how I love this solitude, this quiet.
    How I love being with you...
    You, to whom I have been stripped and laid bare,
    From whom I always drink love to my heart's content,... more »