• A Reich Best Dead

    Black, white. Does it matter?
    I peel off your skin and I peel off a black man's.
    We are all the same colour now.... more »

  • Break To Day

    The morning crisp, the morning golden,
    From heaven’s palette, morning stolen,
    Your mind is free, your mind it wanders,
    On all and nothing your mind it ponders,... more »

  • Bully

    Stab me deeper; go on, deeper.
    Let me feel the cold, ice-rush of steel in my chest.
    Constantly shitting on me as you toss your fag butt
    lit, in my face.... more »

  • Give Up

    I tried to see this evening,
    but I was blind,
    I tried to think this evening,
    but lost my mind,... more »

  • Leading Lambs By The Promises Of Erroneous Faith

    Jesus Christ the son of God, as such are we all
    This figure now so prominent with crossed wood rising tall
    Through your sacrifice, many now believe
    But off the tracks unto deception, stray these humble sheep... more »

  • The Answer's In The Sky

    Tell me my name,
    I feel estranged,
    Flown out of range,... more »

  • Visiting Angel

    Acid crazy,
    cocaine lady,
    Pull my mind apart.
    Drive my brain,... more »

  • Whimsical Sensibilities

    Through sensibilty I find desire
    to biologically expire.
    Mine is not a wealthy greed;
    not for fame or to succeed.... more »