• Anxious

    The floor is cold, the ceiling is blurry.
    This habit is old, why do I worry?
    I hear them laugh, I hear them bark,
    I hear the ding, I hear the ring,... more »

  • Art Room

    Engulfed within the warmth of gloom.
    I sit still, inside the art room.
    Void of any emotion but I feel empty.
    The urge to scream was almost tempting.... more »

  • Bandana

    I said, 'don't be afraid,
    I'm here, don't be scared'
    But those scenes and the screams,
    it's not leaving my head.... more »

  • Grey

    It's the same white ceiling
    and the same grey walls.
    I don't know what I'm feeling
    but it's grey as those walls.... more »

  • Rain

    The evening sky was beautiful today
    It finally poured down, the rain

    I had promised to pour all of me along... more »

  • Random Feelings

    They keep appearing again and again.
    Like seasons and weathers,
    these phases of happiness and pain.
    Engulfing me, I knew it right.... more »

  • Random Thoughts

    What is this burning inside me?
    It's burning me along,
    burning me down.... more »

  • She

    little dizzy, little weak
    little crazy, little sick
    happy and sad at the same time
    laughing and crying at the same moment... more »

  • Sound

    It's flowing down,
    can you hear that sound?
    But it stops, stops flowing down.
    You can't hear that sound.... more »