• A Dance Of Souls

    Still see
    Us dancing,
    Your lips meeting... more »

  • A Vampire's Love

    Living alone in darkness;
    My lust for life grows less and less.
    Eternity is my only master.
    The sweet taste of your blood makes my heart race faster.... more »

  • From Here To Eternity

    Months and
    Years go by
    So slowly it... more »

  • Gothic Melody

    The sounds of a Vampire stalking its prey
    and a werewolf crying to the moon
    are music to my ears each night and day,
    hoping that I may join them soon.... more »

  • How Could You?

    How could you...
    make me smile with a single glance
    and make me shiver as we danced,
    only to rip out my fucking heart... more »

  • Love Of A Lifetime

    How many songs remind you
    Of the love we used to share?
    How many moments do you spend
    Wishing I was there?... more »

  • Mortality

    Death is as pale as a vampire's flesh,
    and it sounds like a heart slowly beating,
    nearing expiration.
    It has the flavor of dry bread.... more »

  • My Dearest

    You are my angel of the night;
    your wings are those upon which I soar.
    You have lifted me with all your might,
    and have helped me find my inner core.... more »

  • Night Angels

    They walk and hide in the night.
    Living in shadows and shame, fearing the light.
    They are beautiful, clever, and tart;
    Their pale skin as cold as their heart... more »

  • Nightmare

    He calls to me
    in all my dreams;
    My spine tingles
    at every word,... more »

  • Perfected

    I've cut myself to watch it bleed,
    to punish myself for my deeds.
    All I want is to escape myself,
    to put my mind back on its shelf,... more »

  • Rosa Della Morte

    Love is the brightest pink of the purest pink rose
    and the softest music played from afar.
    Its taste is as sweet as chocolate-covered strawberries.
    It smells like the air after a fresh rainstorm... more »

  • Suicide Thoughts

    I'm looking back on these last few years.
    Why aren't you here to calm my tears?
    Blood from my wrist stains the ugly carpet on my floor.
    I take on last glance at my closed bedroom door.... more »

  • The Bonds Of Eternity

    I cannot die, yet I also cannot live.
    Never again will I see the sunlight,
    feel the warmth it has to give.... more »