To those whom it may concern,

Many often wonder upon my age and I often get asked because of my possible abilities to write poetry. I began writing back in 2003, when I was thirteen and I had still had not learned how to write poetry. My family believes it is a hidden talent, for my aunt possesses great talent as well, though never thought of showing it and sharing it with the public as I do.

As of now, the year 2005, I am only fifteen years old, and what I write in my poetry sometimes even reflects my life. Yes, I am willing to admit I am a bit emotional and depressional, and I might go through too much for my age, though I deal with it well and write through poetry, it is my life and way of expressing things when I need to. Without poetry existing, nor writing, I have no clue what I would do, since it is a part of me. Without it... I feel like I could not survive at times.

- Kai


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Oh, my dear guardian angel,
Hold me close and tight,
Save me from the night,
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Winter...a season of freezing and despair,
Frozen flakes or a chill is always in the air.
Heavy jackets, gloves, hats, and shovels,
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I am about to give in,
Let myself fall into darkness.
Though I try to hold on.
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Poetry Hound 15 Feb 2005 02:02
I admit that I have no idea why you post your journal entries on this site. And that's what your poems read like - very self-absorbed journal entries. And they look like they come from a mind that has had extremely limited exposure to great poetry. If you look around, you'll find that your poems are very similar to the poems submitted by many other adolescents on this site. Just about every day there's a poem contemplating suicide. It's so predictable. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the well-established poets on poemhunter - the ones listed at the bottom of the home page. Read them and let them influence you. Then maybe you'll be on the road to writing some original poems.