Kaishai Crescent Biography

To those whom it may concern,

Many often wonder upon my age and I often get asked because of my possible abilities to write poetry. I began writing back in 2003, when I was thirteen and I had still had not learned how to write poetry. My family believes it is a hidden talent, for my aunt possesses great talent as well, though never thought of showing it and sharing it with the public as I do.

As of now, the year 2005, I am only fifteen years old, and what I write in my poetry sometimes even reflects my life. Yes, I am willing to admit I am a bit emotional and depressional, and I might go through too much for my age, though I deal with it well and write through poetry, it is my life and way of expressing things when I need to. Without poetry existing, nor writing, I have no clue what I would do, since it is a part of me. Without it... I feel like I could not survive at times.

- Kai