• A Shattered Life

    All along, I thought I was alone forever...
    Then you came along...changing the weather.
    A friend to forever be with me inside,
    Together so I am not lonely when I hide.... more »

  • I Will Never Forget

    A world of depression, hidden for once,
    Out of nowhere recieving a sudden bunce,
    Surrounded by supporters and friends,
    All singing joyfully along my river bend.... more »

  • Prayers

    Oh, my dear guardian angel,
    Hold me close and tight,
    Save me from the night,
    Before I begin to fade away,... more »

  • Seasons Can Be Painful

    Winter...a season of freezing and despair,
    Frozen flakes or a chill is always in the air.
    Heavy jackets, gloves, hats, and shovels,
    A season rarely used in writer's novels.... more »

  • Suicide Or No?

    I am about to give in,
    Let myself fall into darkness.
    Though I try to hold on.
    With strength and deep hope.... more »

  • Words Of Encouragement

    Take a deep breath, take another step forward,
    Let yourself relax, get carried away in the wind.
    Feel freedom surrounding you with open arms,
    Taking you in, helping to greatly encourage.... more »