• A Better Day

    she's crying on the inside
    she'll never let him know
    because it wouldnt matter
    he'll never let her go... more »

  • A Girl Whos Just Like Me

    My sister has problems i you ask me.... i touched her stuffed toy and i get attaked... so i made this one for her

    Temper tantrum once again
    she needs to be on medicine... more »

  • Bring You Back

    I stare it in the face
    Yet it's my biggest fear
    time seems like a race
    whenever your around here... more »

  • Hidden Away By Sorrow

    the truth is covered by ur lies
    swallowed by ur sorrow
    hid behind tearfilled eyes
    as u reach 4 a new tomorrow... more »

  • Love

    I made this in 5th grade...
    Love and girls
    Love and guys
    Won't get through these weeping eyes... more »

  • My Poem

    Letting go of feelings
    Emotions running deep
    I'm not Suicidal
    But the thought intrests me... more »

  • Never Forget Me

    Darkness is a value
    That no one should erase
    Tears are proof of sorrow
    Filling everyday... more »

  • Remember

    Temptation to insanity
    losing self control
    missing most of everything
    cause i'm never letting go... more »

  • Shattered

    He grasps her heart
    And wont let go
    She’s falling apart
    And this we know... more »

  • Suicide Note

    No i'm not suicidal just really emotional........ so stop thinking what your thinking cuz i'm just a kid

    To my loving family.....
    I have to say good-bye... more »

  • Why...

    Praying for forgiveness
    reaching for the stars
    cutting in a corner
    i've never went that far... more »

  • You Make Me... Me!

    i'm a sicknes you cant handle
    a drug that you cant take
    i'm an always burning candle
    i'm the smile on your face!... more »

  • You...Just Another Lie

    You say that you love me
    You tell me it's the truth
    you tell me that i'm pretty
    but you're just being you... more »

  • Your Fault

    You judge me by my style
    you seem to choose my fate
    i know that you dont know me
    but yet you put me in my place... more »