• Christianity

    She bows her head
    Her eyes are shut
    Her hands are cupped
    Nothing is there... more »

  • Depression

    Some one is hiding her depression
    She smiles and shows good impressions
    Never does she show her depression
    And to fake good impressions... more »

  • Feelings

    People get hurt
    People get sick
    People get shy
    People get scared... more »

  • Love Is Dead

    Love is dead when you say it is
    Love is dead when you throw it away
    Love is dead if you hurt another
    Love is dead when you are hurt by another... more »

  • Love Kills Slowly

    Love kills slowly
    It doesn’t matter where you go
    Love is all around us
    But little do we know... more »

  • Moonlight

    She stands in the moonlight
    Her eyes shine with it
    Her dress flares as she turns
    And faces her love... more »

  • My Heart: Unlock

    When I said those three words
    It was like living in a fantasy world
    But that all changed when he came after me for the locket I held
    I could never forget the horror of the night... more »

  • One Bloody Night

    How could I forget?
    The sudden silence of the festival night
    How could I forget?
    That the one I trusted most... more »

  • Pain

    It hurts when you lose your love
    But it hurts worse when you lose
    A family member
    You may be close to your love... more »

  • Prayer

    She hides herself behind a wall
    Somewhere she can not fall
    The floor goes out
    She falls down but no one knows... more »

  • Silent Night

    The night is silent
    The roads deserted
    Snow covers the ground
    Ice patches all over... more »

  • The Day

    The day has come for you to go
    The day has come of sorrow to your family
    The time is here so say good bye to her and the rest so please help our country
    And good bye to you... more »

  • Why

    I didn’t expect him to turn his back
    I didn’t expect that he was using me as his little toy
    I didn’t want to except the fact that he had used me to get information
    Why?... more »