• All About Father

    Tough from the out, soft inside,
    With him begins life's ride.

    A friend in enemy's disguise,... more »

  • Ideas

    It strikes you like a lightning,
    It flickers like a fused bulb,
    In seconds it brings to you a world of happiness,
    For days together it makes you feel helpless,... more »

  • It's Like This...Love

    It's like day-dreaming in the night,
    It's like sleepwalking when your awake,
    It's like walking under the moonlight in an Indian summer,
    It's like being a poet when you can't write,... more »

  • Kiss

    Drenched in the rains,
    love blossoms.
    Heart beats silence the thunder,
    shyness flows down the drain.... more »

  • Life (Couplet)

    ... more »

  • Life @ Local Trains- A Race For A Race

    As the day breaks,
    Thousands flock together in a race,
    Stoppin' is a sin, keep up with the pace.... more »

  • Life@lifeline-1

    Dreams, Desires and Destinies
    scramble through a door,
    Fights, Spats, Curse
    make up the aura,... more »

  • Love

    Dimpled chin that incite many hearts for sin,
    Mesmerizing eyes that force many for an insight,
    Melodious voice that leaves many with no choice,
    Flowing hair that makes emotions flow,... more »

  • Me, Myself And Mine

    My steps falter,
    Vision alter,
    Thoughts blur,
    Words come out in a spur,... more »

  • Someday

    Seven days of a week,
    but still one yearns for that someday.

    For hope doesn't make one meek,... more »