• About My Yesterday

    An urging cry
    In the back of my mind
    Scratching at the door
    As if I was unkind... more »

  • Blinded Love

    Your love has blinded me, what shall I do.
    I cant see nobody but you.
    Are the stars out tonight?
    I dont know if its cloudy or bright.... more »

  • Come Back

    I told you I loved you, why did you leave?
    You are my daddy please come back to me.
    I will always need you inside my life,
    even when I say I don't...thats just a lie.... more »

  • Condemned

    I stand condemned in your eyes
    but before I leave
    I beseech you listen to the words
    of a mere mortal.... more »

  • Friends [yeah Right]

    U may call ME 'just a friend'
    but I can see deep within
    That U long for ME
    Desire for ME... more »

  • I Dreamt Of That Love

    I dream of love
    I hope it happens with me
    Just like tame dove
    One day it flies in to me... more »

  • I Love The Way

    I love the way you smile at me,
    And the way your ring fits my hand,
    I love the way you take the time to say,
    That you will always be my man,... more »

  • I Stand Waiting

    Today I cried when I found out
    That the one I love, loves another
    Oh! What a pain I felt
    Confused I was when they began to talk.... more »

  • It's Not Me You See....

    When you see that I am lauging
    Even though I 'should be' crying.
    When you see me lend a hand
    To someone that was cruel.... more »

  • Let Me Enhance You

    I know you are whole
    But baby let me enhance you... more »

  • Love Me

    Love me for the person inside,
    Love me for the person I try to hide.
    Love me for my colored skin,
    Love me and the child within.... more »

  • Love Vs. Friendship

    Happiness only came every so often

    Hatred and pain came everyday... more »

  • Love You

    Love you,
    With everything I've got,
    heart, soul, body and mind,
    Love you now... more »

  • Mental Intercourse

    Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable
    Something like, your mind
    I'm stimulated by your kind
    Because thought processes excite me... more »

  • My Conception Of Love

    You were supposed to be my first love
    Ironically, you turned out to be my first heart ache
    You were supposed to be my first conception of love
    Through you I was supposed to learn what a real man was all about... more »

  • Never Be Free

    Love is anguish
    Love is hate
    Is love still real
    These things I must debate... more »

  • No Regrets

    No regrets
    as we laid
    no regrets
    as we foreplayed... more »

  • So Long

    Its been so long
    But I still cry
    I remember what we had
    And remember trying to get you back... more »

  • Spiritual Love

    You embrace me with your eyes whenever I am near or next to you,
    The flutterness of our hearts is the way of how it do.

    I hardly can breathe by being so close,... more »

  • What Do I Say

    I see you I melt
    my heart is in my hands
    if only I could
    could say how I feel... more »