• Disturbed Mind V1.0

    demon is rising in every mind
    darkness falling all over us

    lets make the every child cry... more »

  • Disturbed Mind V2.0

    Come near to me,
    I will give u pain
    make u insane... more »

  • My Daughter

    her voice the sacred one
    her voice the breathless one
    her voice the penetrating one
    her voice holding me... more »

  • My Loneliness

    Sometimes in my loneliness
    I wonder that you left me,
    Abandoned me... more »

  • My Time

    hold on
    hold on, until u reach to the end
    no matter how stupid u have been,
    but now its the time... more »

  • The Symphony

    the world is the
    sad symphony

    the sound which touches the ears... more »