Comments About Kamala Das

Jeanette Lguillory 28 Jul 10:52
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nirakar 18 Feb 12:49
she is a poet who fall in the trap of love jihad.......spoiled her dignity and the name of hinduism.
Bijay Kant Dubey 25 Jan 02:12
Kamala Das as a poetess is Lawrentine, as she draws from flesh and blood contact, attraction and repulsion met in love, love and hate theme, give and take relationship. She is a poetess of the body, not the soul, but wants to liberate the soul of womankind. Her poetry is the poetry of love, the thirst of it. spiritually she may e sick, but is a poetess of the body.
Bijay Kant Dubey 25 Jan 02:08
The politics of poetry and the poet, Kamala is one such name doing politics with poetry, writing the poetry of feminism, a media-savvy politician, a poetry-writer. Poetry as the politics of feminism and the feminist as a leader.
Tawhidul Islam 21 Oct 2019 12:11
Kamala dash truly represents the exact picture of how society treats with women and how it destroys their freshness, feelings of independence and freedom in the hand of male dominated society
Utam thounaojam 01 Oct 2019 10:46
I earn a lot of knowledge in many respect such as traditional social syste on woman, love affairs etc.
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Mahtab Bangalee 15 Feb 2019 12:09
Kamala Das one of the greatest poetess of INDIA
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Safna 04 Feb 2019 09:51