• A Feeling Of Loneliness

    Little drops fall from the night time sky
    Tears that glisten upon the windowpane
    Tiny treasures from the heavens that cry
    A thousand small voices calling my name... more »

  • A Final Word Of The Love I Hold.

    ... more »

  • A Great Saddness Upon My Soul

    A great sadness upon my soul
    Passes me by like the wind... more »

  • A Member Of The Innocent

    ... more »

  • A Midmorning Heartbreak

    A midmorning heartbreak
    Caught me today
    On my way out the door
    I realized that the state I am in... more »

  • A Mind Wanders When Things Repeat The Way The Have

    The perfect one, the one who makes me whole.

    The one who breaks my heart with his words.... more »

  • A Notion Of Acceptance.

    Accepting what has become
    Has become my newest notion
    With stride I take them in
    Knowing now what before... more »

  • A Soldier’s Return.

    A cold starry sky hangs high overhead
    Inside sits a man who has cradled the dead
    I see the scars that he will carry the rest of his life
    And think of the images he'll see when taking a wife... more »

  • A Solitary Heart.

    the kindness of a stranger
    the eagerness of the lonely
    a sort of hollowed hope
    that settles upon the soul... more »

  • A Yellow Moon Hung Low Will Only Tell The Tale

    There is a cloudy yellow moon
    Hanging low in the sky tonight
    It tells the tale of a young lady
    With hopes that soar too high... more »

  • And Dawn Brings More Than Just The Morning Light.

    A change has come upon my soul
    Im no longer for the sorrowful old
    A bright new heart dawns its smiles
    Its me I see, for miles and miles... more »

  • And So On Burns The Romance.

    Candle light fills the room.
    The air of romance surrounds.
    You know my heart.
    It stirs alone, in the face of regret.... more »

  • As Time Will Tell, I Wish Us Well.

    My heart beats, a soft tick tick.
    My mind races, spins until I'm sick.
    But a flutter of my heart brings uncontainable joy.
    Hanging on the every word of that wonderful boy. <3... more »

  • As Memories Fade

    To see you here and there
    Would be quite the dream
    Three long years pass by
    And seldom a few words... more »

  • As My Hope Dangles In Midair.

    I hope to see you some random day.
    To see you walking,
    To take your breath away.
    I hope you smile, and we start to talk.... more »

  • As We Bask In Sorrow

    While recently having a conversation with a friend, we discussed 'basking in sorrow, ' which by definition, is an oxymoron.. bask meaning to take great pleasure or satisfaction; and sorrow meaning loss or despair.
    It is possible to bask in sorrow. While for one reason or another, sadness consumes you, at the same time you could be quite happy. For example; I am naturally a happy person. Therefor while I may feel constant sadness about a certain situation, I may still be basking; or somewhat happy. (smiling, laughing, having a good time)
    Many people have a sadness inside them that is hidden, or in the back of their mind at all times. These people are probably happy, can have fun, and seem to be in good cheer, while the sadness is still there, in their minds or hearts.... more »

  • Callings Of A Wanting Heart

    There comes a point in a girls life where she needs something more. Having reached this point in my life, I have become antsy. My heart longs for the amazing. The amazing love. The amazing night with that one perfect person. The person who I know is flawed, but the person that I love anyway. My heart needs a warm summer night in the grass watching the stars in the sky. I yearn for a cool breeze in my hair, a sweet kiss on the cheek. Living in the desert you don't really expect these things, but my hope never dies. I want a boat that is candle lit and a sweet song playing in the background. This life I am leading seems to go no where and all along all I have ever wanted is these things I write to you now.

    And that also. Writing, I mean. The passion of my life. The ideas that swim in my head, filled to the brim with the romantic things that most would consider foolish. I dream of past times, kings and queens, being the girl who falls in love with the perfect man. A tragic forever. Anything that makes my heart swell is something that I feel I need. So many things, but such little things that bother me until I feel antsy. My head swims with thoughts of these things. Things that I have wanted since I was a little girl. Maybe I have read one too many love stories. Maybe these thoughts are there for my future books. I would like to think that things are the way I imagine them to be. But I know otherwise.... more »

  • Depression Grips The Ones I Love

    I worry about them
    The unstable ones,
    The ones who could do real damage.
    My friends, ones i love... more »

  • Enter A Man Who Never Cared

    Enter a man who never cared.
    He suddenly cares more than he is allotted.... more »

  • Farewell Sweet, Sweet Summer

    Falling leaves off barren trees
    Whispering wind a haunting end
    To sweet, sweet summer
    Kisses goodbye time to cry... more »

  • Fighting The Darkness

    A secret light
    Shines in this silent night
    And warms the souls
    Of those few fools... more »

  • Flying On False Hopes

    flying on false hopes

    great highs great lows... more »

  • From The Mouth Of A Hopeless Romantic

    I often find myself disappointed with humanity. Its seems that no one can stay together anymore. Although most of you who read my writings know what I wish for and may think it is a little far fetched, I can not help but to want it. I see people's relationships and even marriages falling to pieces all around me. I see disappointment in people's eyes like a plague.
    I find it hard to believe that people find it so difficult to simply be faithful. To love one person with all your heart. Is that so much to ask? To treat one another with respect? To just spend your life with one person? I think not. But so many find it to be a problem.
    It is the selfishness of each and every one person that effects the relationship. Give in, people! For heaven's sake, don't pick fights. Try for a change to please someone other than yourself. Love is a splendid thing, when two people give it their all.
    Life is a gift. Love is a gift, but once it is given, you must work hard to keep it. It is not hard to love someone. To respect someone enough to treat them well. Everyone deserves happily ever after. What makes you think you have the right to deny someone else's?... more »

  • Gaslight District

    The Gaslights burn like the fire in my eyes.

    The romance takes me away.... more »

  • Hang My Heart From Your Hope Tree

    I hang my heart from your hope tree
    I close my eyes and pray to see
    You reach up there and pluck it down
    And grasp it softly in your hand... more »