• Beautiful As Always

    There are a swarms of stars in the sky tonight
    but it seems that
    I am the only one
    who notices them at all... more »

  • Better Off Without

    She wakes up
    In the middle of the ocean
    Familiar and strange
    A little loneliness... more »

  • Christmas

    Christmas. Oh Christmas.
    I think it's better not to get ahead of ourselves.
    I think it's better not let it make the fool of us.
    We are so rational everyday.... more »

  • It's Terrible

    It is terrible inside.
    It is even more terrible to feel that I could never get better.
    Everything seems to go wrong from the point that I walked away from us
    But going back could never fix it... more »

  • Not A Poem, Not Even A Real Thing

    "This is what poems are for:
    Telling other people the things I can no longer tell you. "

    I wonder if I ever exist in your poem?... more »