Hey guys my name is kandee i live in a boring little town theres not much to do, but everr since i was little i have been writting poems, and singing so basically i write lyrics to, i would love to have talented people like you judge them....um im in 8th believe it or not..(amazinn for a 14 yr old) lol. wel you can call be baby V, everone does, i have a myspace so hit me up! ! my URL is www.myspace.com/jays_hottie well thank guys ttyl!


Kandee Reyes Poems

Best Friends

Throughout these 8 years,
you've dried my tears.
Throughout the days,
You've taken away the pain.... more »

A Wondeful Friend Indeed...

'You say your losing all your friends,
but the thing is friendships NEVER END'

Through the RAiN THE SNOW THE SLEET... more »

Damn I Loved You

When i first met you;
you had that sparkle in your eye that caught my attention
then you asked me for me name
you said 'im not the type of guy to lie'... more »

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