• For You To Know

    I'm not mad at you
    because we've been through a lot
    And I'll continue to love you
    Whether you love me or not... more »

  • My Head

    This is my enclosure
    With chains I'm bound up tight
    Locked up in this dungeon
    Hidden from the light... more »

  • Questions

    I ask myself and receive no answer
    No answer from my mind
    No answer from my friends
    No answer from you on the telephone... more »

  • Thank You

    A letter to a soldier
    The address is unknown
    I hope this note will get to you
    I pray you'll come back home... more »

  • We Are The Future

    We are the future
    with our spikes and chains,
    our baggy pants,
    And unused brains... more »

  • Web

    What a tangled web we weave
    Cheaters, Liars, Stealing thieves

    Hate, backstabbing, and lost trust... more »