• Caged Heart

    my heart's in a cage
    and don't wanna come out
    afraid of being broken
    again, no doubt... more »

  • Crazy For You

    my heart never stops beating for you
    my mind never stops thinking of you
    you may think I'm writing this for show
    but girl it is all true... more »

  • Doubt In My Heart

    feeling to let go, but i still crave your loving
    i just know your going to get mad because of that thinking
    times it seems forever times it don't
    just don't want to love you with doubt in my heart... more »

  • Drawn To You

    every time im in her presents
    my heart skips a beat
    im so surprised im not dead yet
    'whew' lucky me... more »

  • Gift From Above

    so many words to describe her
    so many words to describe her love
    my heart never felt like this ever
    you must be a gift from above... more »

  • Girl Of My Dreams

    i think it was a dream
    but it seemed real to me
    i woke up next to the most beautiful girl that i ever seen
    she said 'good morning' followed by a kiss... more »

  • Long Distance

    cant stand keeping you waiting for me
    but you would wait for me anyway
    times i say you should forget about me
    but you cant because you think about me night and day... more »

  • Love And I

    love was in the palm of my hands
    until it slipped through my fingers and broke
    my heart felt the impact
    like i was having a stroke... more »

  • Love And Respect

    you can begin to hate me
    I'll still respect you
    you can hate me till the end of time
    I'll still respect an look out for you... more »

  • Love Had To End

    there was no other girl on this planet that held my heart like you
    all my feelings weren't afraid to show because of you
    you were the boost that my love needed... more »

  • Love My Baby

    i loved my baby oh so much every year
    i loved her twenty-four seven
    promise to love her even more
    for this year 2011... more »

  • Missing My Heart

    im missing my heart
    and she's the one who still has it
    last place i left it was in her hands
    wonder if she forgot about it... more »

  • My Heart An Conscience

    my mind says yes my heart says no
    really don't know which way to go
    love with my mind or love with my heart?
    these are two best combination's i cant tear apart... more »

  • My Sunshine

    rite now I'm sitting here in darkness pitch black
    waiting for the shine in my sunshine to come back
    haven't seen or heard from her in a long time
    sigh, hope that everything is alright with my sunshine... more »

  • One Day

    one day I'll finally see you
    one day i'll finally kiss you
    one day i'll finally hold you
    hold you and never let go... more »

  • Out Of This World Girl

    my heart skips a beat
    when i see her face
    i feel to faint when i hear her name... more »

  • Poetry To Me

    poetry to me is an emotional zone
    to some visible to some unknown
    poetry gives you the ability to share how
    you really feel from the inside... more »

  • You In Mind

    you maybe thinking there is another girl
    but this door is closed to super-gentleman's world
    you alone have the key to this door
    but that key doesn't work anymore... more »