• A Good Woman Wanted

    A good woman wanted; the sign read,
    with boat and a motor, it plain said.
    The funniest part was,
    send photo of boat, cuz;... more »

  • A Lost Horizon

    A lost horizon and a barren ship
    Adrift upon waves of salt water
    My ungrounded mind tries to grip
    Onto something solid, concrete matter... more »

  • Child (Sonnet)

    I look into your sweet and precious face,
    the eyes of pure and undiluted love.
    God's angels brought you here on wings of grace;
    You smile, I smile, three smiles with skies above.... more »

  • Circular Love Sonnet Ring

    I’m going to love you dear, like ne’er before;
    intoxicate you with a wine not known.
    You’ll not be able; want to find the door,
    my rich, sweet nectar; drink for evermore.... more »

  • Hitchhiking With The Devil

    A lone hitchhiker,
    I travel this road
    Hoping to find my way
    Through this maze, back home.... more »

  • Imbolc's Fire

    Cats start to stir; they fight then purr,
    meowing through night hours.
    They're looking for their mates who wait,
    by early Crocus flowers.... more »

  • Impressions

    My daily walks
    are a lot like entering
    a Renoir painting-
    Impressions of autumn... more »

  • Redeemed Of God

    With lightening speed
    Into the night
    And legs of steel;
    The Fair One takes to her flight... more »