(I am not a writer.... I just like to write)

Just when you think you cannot take anymore
Somebody gives you something you're happy to receive


karen sinclair Poems

Death Of A Tear......

The fresh tear, heavy with meaning and purpose
Travels southbound upon my warm skin.
Full of reason and pain, I watch
Distracted by it's beauty... more »


The small brown nightingale sings
From left bough of an insignificant tree
He brings not much
Just love and a touch... more »

Storm Steps

Straggled grass sits amid
Sediment sand
Eerie are the silent steps
Which stand in painful solitude... more »

karen sinclair Quotes

Love is a subsidised metaphor Stealing from the emotionally rich to Scatter upon the barren Damaged poor

Comments about karen sinclair

Ray Quesada 19 Feb 2013 09:19
Karen is clever, playful, and yet as profound as any other modern poet, from what I've read of her work so far that is ;) - - - I highly doubt the opinion will change though!