• Bubble Wrap.... Humour....Bypass

    Do you think it inappropriate?

    To exchange ones husband for some perfectly devine
    Time consuming
    Playfully popping... more »

  • Chestnut Blight

    As each fatigued day culls my nature
    Mine mind does Judas thee
    And tinker pon the waves of hope
    Muted Banshee... more »

  • China Dolls Dumping Ground

    Hell sat on my shoulders as a stuffed parrot
    Useless yet very apparent
    And i ached and i ache
    As I despaired that yet again... more »

  • Cold Feet And Other Objects.....

    Huddled within a blanket
    In a camping chair
    Thats not quite right
    Blinds down to shade the sleeping... more »

  • Crocodile Grin

    Manitou slides
    Doppelgänger silhouette
    Ballet prides
    Twisted contorted pirouette... more »

  • Crystal Chandelier

    Woe is....

    Why your opulence is undeniable
    Sprite rainbows shimmer across a dancing ceiling
    Betraying shadowed spiders... more »

  • Dandelions And Fairies

    If I sat within the downy heather of the beauteous bogland
    That is Mnt Clanard
    Southern Ireland
    Beneath a birch... beside a stream... more »

  • Danny Draper.....

    Good souls
    Good eggs
    Are a rarity my friend... more »

  • Darling Child

    My darling
    For a few short weeks you held that which was your dearest dream
    Closest to your chest
    Your body prepared... more »

  • Dartford

    You sit as a grey silent rushing stream
    Of concrete, metal, with grey marbled sky
    Leaning undefinable towards the Payne's charcoal
    Landscape... more »

  • Dawn....

    Bleary eyed dawn peeks wearily
    To the reverend call of wood pigeon
    She gazes through the glass of two black cats
    Hoping to enter my home warmth... more »

  • Dead Fox...

    Your ocre tones capture my vision
    Beneath the hedgerow
    Beside the business grey road
    Which snarls past your... more »

  • Dear Queen... Unknown Subject

    I would never consider myself the type to typically be a
    Yet I can't help but admit
    Your smile has always warmed me... more »

  • Death Of A Tear......

    The fresh tear, heavy with meaning and purpose
    Travels southbound upon my warm skin.
    Full of reason and pain, I watch
    Distracted by it's beauty... more »

  • Despot...20 Yrs On

    We are woefully lost in our remembrance
    Wilfully digging somber graves
    There are no frivolous net curtains
    Dancing melodically upon softly waves... more »

  • Dormouse.....Adult Nature

    Glorious Mad Hatter
    Lean across the table of wonky crockery
    Your Doormouse lays swaddled asleep
    Soundly in your finest creation... more »

  • Dorset Blandford..Bank Holiday...Pub Reach

    A golden brown solid bare back of masculine definition stands defiant to a crisp new sun
    Hands clasping spritely orange ocre bubbles as live music pounds to the beat of life
    A well fed dog saunters through the shadowed ally smiling and wagging at the release of his leash
    As I sip soda water and wine on a wooden bench beneath the public house sign of The Greyhound... more »

  • Eagles Breath....

    The eagle smiles sharply
    He knows my need of gently stroked wings
    Amidst shift shaping rocks... more »

  • Earache....

    How should I start this?
    Oh yes!... more »

  • Elegant Suicide....

    Dearest fellow was it paramount
    My attempted suicide
    Needed to be... more »

  • Evening Rose

    The dusty window frames her form
    Silhouetting her fragility as evening falls
    With hands as gnarled oak
    Clasping the unvarnished rocking chair... more »

  • Feathered Fatigue.....

    Early hours hugging the hangover from hell
    Brown sofa grey mottled sky.... Stomach swell
    I lay as I gazed at the final green tree
    Stood proud as punch inbetween... more »

  • Fickle Time

    Center-piece to December
    We swoon over evergreen pine
    Nostalgia wistfully remember
    An ode for such a short time... more »

  • Final Door.......

    Brown house
    Grey smiles
    Green green grass
    Black shoes... more »

  • Fine Christmas

    Calm descends within the rain
    Seagulls bellow as wet tires rush
    Onwards and upwards
    Forging new destinations... more »