i am 13 and i love poetry! ! !

i want to be a poet when im older every time i see something peaceful or exiting i just write poetry in my notebook the i put it here.


Karen Weimorts Poems

Horses Makes You Happy

When your day seems out of balance
and so many things go wrong.
When people fight around you,
And the day drags on so long...... more »

If Your Sad Or If Your Bad!

War Is Good War Is bad
War is Happy War is sad.

Revenge is weak Revenge is strong... more »

Bullies? Who Are They?

Bullies are people who don't care
They think there all perfect
when they wedgie your underwear!... more »

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Rian Pongratz<3 16 May 2009 09:58
karen u are sooo great dont let anyone get to u here or there ily! ! !