• Betrayal By Bestfriends X

    So here we are back at sqaure one, back to life, back on earth, out of space,
    you riped my heart with a smile on your face with a tear in my eye i didnt finsh
    the race, she twisted your heart and poisined your mind.Betrayal beat friendship,
    tried yo unwind, just love him then leave him, cuts so deep they ingrave in your brain, up... more »

  • Bullies? Who Are They?

    Bullies are people who don't care
    They think there all perfect
    when they wedgie your underwear!... more »

  • Complicated Words... X =(

    Love Is Something When Yhoo Give It Away
    Life Is Lost When Yhoo Take It Away
    Courage Is Truth When Yhoo Know How To Speak It
    Words Is Trust When Yhoo Know How to Learn It... more »

  • Heaven & Love

    Heaven is filled with hearts with no understanding
    Love is filled with complications
    Heaven Is something you beleive in
    Love is somethung you trust... more »

  • Horses Makes You Happy

    When your day seems out of balance
    and so many things go wrong.
    When people fight around you,
    And the day drags on so long...... more »

  • If Your Sad Or If Your Bad!

    War Is Good War Is bad
    War is Happy War is sad.

    Revenge is weak Revenge is strong... more »

  • True Love Hurts

    if love was a light
    and the earth was the soul
    Can it be truth
    or can it be coal... more »