I was raised in Jersy writing is A big part of me I have been writting since I was a kid I Moved to Florida and the passion for writting became more alive I write best when I am in nature. So Florida is just beatiful and It gives me alot to write about


Karie Tyler Poems

A Soldiers Wifes Dream Of Hope

His dream was loving only one to love. War was the game we played when we were kids.

Now he's on the battle field. Fight to live. Only to dream what is to Be.... more »

Look At Me

Look into my eyes......
Look deeper into my eyes....
Until your so deep into my eyes you can see every cut every stab every scar That the mother fuckers in my life left... more »

Time Stand Still

Looking at the clock then at you. I ask myself what time is? Something that isn't my friend. The look in your eye I fear it cause i know what is to come.... more »

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