• Atonement

    On this day I relive my past
    I am not criminal or unjust
    I am aware of the things I have done
    More aware of those that I have not accomplished... more »

  • Autumn

    Smell the air, breath the brisk chill
    Mornings are memories of school
    Waiting for buses
    Maybe taking off the jacket... more »

  • Better Things To Do

    Hey there guy with your phone in your palm
    There's a lady in the kitchen
    Waiting dinner while you talk
    She's been busy for the day... more »

  • Chasing Angels

    Do you see it... Is it really there?
    I believe in these... goose bumps so real
    A flicker of a lamp.. A shadow.. A bird’s song
    A butterfly or maybe some ducks flying over...... more »

  • Cross Roads

    Meet me at the Cross Road
    In the middle of my life
    I have never been here,
    The road is busy,... more »

  • Daughter My Teacher

    I sit and try to think
    of what I had in mind
    when I was 17
    and found you were inside...... more »

  • Desperately Seeking Michael

    For so long now, I cease to count,
    the days and nights spent
    seeking you out.
    You are foreign, but not faceless,... more »

  • Getting Back To Zero

    I sit here and feel so lonely
    I could dance or sing
    instead I lay my head on the keyboard
    and my thoughts become words on the screen... more »

  • Gone

    I woke this morning dreaming
    threads of slumber in my head
    I rolled over for some reason
    the stirring cleared my head... more »

  • Happy Anniversary

    Once there was a girl
    She did sure rule the world
    While growing up she wandered far
    She thought she new her destiny... more »

  • Happy Fathers Day Mom

    What a wonderful Friday to leave this town
    A Glorious blue sky and birds all around
    Everyone celebrating their fathers for upcoming fathers day,
    I smile and tingle... more »

  • Happy Mothers Day

    If you are a Mother
    Want to be one, missing yours,
    Never could be, never would be...
    Searching for her, night and day... more »

  • I Hear A Voice

    I hear a voice
    it beckons me
    to come and dance
    to live and be free.... more »

  • I Love You But I Can'T Love Myself

    I love you, since the 1st day I saw you,
    even before when I envisioned who you be...
    Even if you are angry, I love you so much,
    I love you enough, to try to empathize with your feelings...... more »

  • If You Still Have A Mother

    If you still have a mother
    Thank God and be content
    Not all on this earth is granted this high luck.
    It is your being, it is Your Will... more »

  • It's Snowing For Our Mom

    It snowed so hard, that December day,
    when I found you, it was still at bay,
    I know how scared of winter you were,
    The cold, the stillness, upon the earth.... more »

  • Knowing

    I thought I knew it all
    When I was just a kid
    I listened with prejudice
    Agreed with nods... more »

  • Life Unexpected

    Hi God, It's me Karin,
    Thank you for the birds I hear,
    singing your praises outside my cracked window...
    Thank you for my health, however fragile... more »

  • Long Nights

    It is so dark, so cold, so still,
    I walk along, all else is still
    I come here often, never in the day
    to watch and keep... more »

  • Looking Thru The Mirror

    Everyday and always I see what I thought was new to me
    But as the images become clearer I know that they are memories
    Some are shadows and even still there is a shimmer
    The smells and sounds awake my senses and tease... more »

  • Memories Shared Of Her Father To One Without A Memory Of Her Own

    To Rani, a daughter with a loving memory of her fathers youth:

    An aging parent, not alone but sometimes lonely,
    With loving children, daughters, some near and one far...... more »

  • Missing You

    Hello old friend, old lover, old memories
    I think of you quite often, sometimes when I dream,
    I remember how you taught me what you knew of love and means.
    I spent my early teenage years, and gave my heart to you, yes dear... more »

  • Mom

    I cry today... Like a waterfall
    My restraint has been awakened
    I miss you so... You were my everything
    My friend...My confidante...My saving Grace... more »

  • Mother

    I have been lucky...
    I have a mother, a friend, and even a father
    She has been it all...
    For myself and family and friends... more »

  • Moving On

    It has been a long time,
    since I began this story,
    This life has been, a sordid glory
    As I have aged. I've learned a few,... more »