• #2


    Remember when he loved me
    I was his world... more »

  • Alone

    I am all alone
    No one is here with me
    Friends is all I want
    Why can't they see... more »

  • Far Away

    Red is you're favorite color
    It's also the color of blood
    We were supposed to be together
    But now we're stuck in the mud... more »

  • Home


    2,000 miles away from home
    Missing everything I have ever know... more »

  • Horrible

    All these scars I try to hide
    I don't want anyone to know
    I lie to protect people
    They don't want to know my low... more »

  • I Love You

    I miss my baby so much
    It's so hard always being apart
    We both have our suspicions
    But we try to stay smart... more »

  • Invisable

    I'm all alone
    But everyone thinks I'm fine
    I have no one to talk to
    No friends to call mine... more »

  • Loser

    Why can't I be happy
    I have no life
    Everything is fake
    Except the strife... more »

  • My Bad

    I understand how you feel
    Cuz I have been there before
    Which is why i dont know
    why i opened that door... more »

  • Non-Relationship Boyfriend

    You were there for me... more »

  • Parents

    My best friends gone
    My boyfriends 120 miles away
    I don't have anyone
    I hate everyday... more »

  • Scary

    I'm so afraid to love you
    Love just isn't very fair
    I've been hurt so much
    Now I try not to care... more »

  • Suicidal

    I don't feel anything good
    No happiness in my head
    All that is there is bad
    I wish I were dead... more »

  • The Truth

    Why can't I be happy
    Why can't it be real
    All I do is pretend
    My lips are sealed... more »

  • The Urge

    I gave up my razor blades
    I didn't even have the urge
    Until you said “It's over”
    Then I wanted to purge... more »

  • They Don'T Understand

    I feel like every things ok
    The I feel like I should die
    Nothing goes really wrong
    But that happiness was lie... more »

  • What About Him?


    So many problems
    So much on his mind... more »

  • What Happened?


    Told him my feelings
    About him and me... more »

  • Why

    Diamonds are my best friends
    They are sharper them my knife
    cutting is the only way out
    In my life full of strife... more »

  • You'Re Always On My Mind

    I'm very depressed today
    You're always in my head
    I know you don't think about me
    You wish I was dead... more »