• Bringing Me Back

    Why do you do this to me?
    You know I could never say no to you!
    Everything we have done together made me go 'wee''.
    People would tell me that when I am with you i go coo-coo!... more »

  • I Will Never Forget

    I had a good ride,
    The love we shared i will cherish.
    To the laughs we had,
    I know I will never forget the memories.... more »

  • Love And Pain

    Love is just another word for pain,
    Guys expect you to play their game!
    Why is it that you don't care,
    You know we don't even make a good pair.... more »

  • You

    You know I miss you
    And I always want to be with you
    Everything you did made you the perfect you
    I know you don't love me and only care about your new girlfriend and you... more »