• A Little Too Late

    A little too late
    She says
    Standing near the gate
    That cut me like a blade... more »

  • Blue Night

    Once in a lonely hour,
    The night was very unusual.
    The moon light overshadowed the darkness,
    The trees were dancing with winds.... more »

  • Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

    Sitting in an empty room,
    Theirs no one but only me,
    Many thoughts crossed my mind.
    And I wondered,... more »

  • Do You Feel Me

    Do you feel me,
    When day changes to night.
    Where silence is at best it can be,
    And nothing is at sight.... more »

  • Notice Me

    Notice me if you had,
    From the beginning of the high school,
    When I first saw you.
    You would have seen my eyes spark... more »

  • Please God! Help Me

    Please God! Help me,
    Help me to be the best son of my dear parents.
    Help me to make their dreams come true,
    For I am just a simple son.... more »

  • The Ecstasy Of Love

    The ecstasy of love
    Behold the glory Karma
    For it brings peace of dove
    And all the life's drama... more »

  • Try

    I know I cant write nothing,
    I don't have the ability too.
    This is my interest,
    That pulled me this way.... more »

  • You Are Important

    Sometimes when you are left back.
    When everyone tries to hold you down,
    And when they curse your very existence
    Just smile from your heart.... more »

  • You Are Not Me

    When you see me alone sitting
    Ignoring all the talks
    With sad eyes searching
    Don't judge my walks... more »