• A Wish

    A wish is a dream that never comes true
    A wish is the love you never recived
    A wish is a flower that never bloomed
    A wish is the life you never got... more »

  • Fly Away

    I want to fly away and be like a bird
    Sore free into the open sky
    And maybe reach heaven... more »

  • Hated

    How do I feel
    So used around you
    Yet so cared
    An Appreciated... more »

  • I Cant Stop Thinking Of You

    When I wake up I see you and me
    Then wonder how this ever happend
    Im so glad I have you
    You make me so happy at times I dont think I can... more »

  • I Sit, Stare, Cry, Cut, And Bleed As Dooms Day Comes.

    I sit
    cut... more »

  • Im Sorry Brandon

    Im sorry I ever said yes
    Im sorry I believed you
    Im sorry I wasnt good enough
    Im sorry I gave you my first kiss... more »

  • Im Sorry I Still Love You

    I know I said some bad things
    but I hope you know I dont mean them
    I still love you with all my heart
    I just want to know if you still love me... more »

  • My Demise

    In the event of my Demise
    When my heart can beat no more
    I hope I die for a Principle
    or a belief that I had lived for... more »

  • Rape! ! !

    Daddy where were you when I screamed your name?
    Mommy was drunk I didnt know what to do
    Her boyfriend came in and took me to a room
    The things he did to me I didnt understand at the time... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I wish I had your pare of wings
    Had them last night in my dreams
    I was chaseing butterflys till the sunrise broke my eyes
    But tonight the sky has glued my eyes... more »

  • Tell Me Something I Dont Know Yet

    I say sorry but you ignore me
    I try to talk but you block me out
    I know it was my fault but you can just let it go
    You've done worse to me then I did to you... more »

  • Tell Me Why

    Tell me why I cry
    Tell me why you broke my heart
    Tell me why I hurt myself
    Tell me if it was all my fault... more »

  • That Kiss

    That magical kiss on that cold winter day, it
    still leaves me speechless, everytime I think
    about it, It was like an undescribable feeling
    and now you leave it imprinted in my heartt.... more »

  • What Every Cut Means To Me

    The first cut was just for fun
    The second cut was just for the pain he caused
    The third cut was just another excuse for my sorry life
    The fourth cut was for my misunderstandment... more »