• Blue, Blue And Blue.

    Blue is like the 10 years old blue paint on the
    Wall of a bedroom.

    Blue is hot like the flame of the sunset lifted from... more »

  • Friendship Is A.........

    Friendship is a delicated mirror
    So, handle with care. You may join
    the broken pieces But the krackz always there. ... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish I could be a cook,
    Turning the pages of my recipe book
    Thinking and making food,
    And eating half of it according to my mood.... more »

  • Life Ends.......

    Life ends when you stop Dreaming,
    Hope ends when you stop believing,
    Love ends when you stop caring,
    Friendship ends when you stop sharing, ... more »

  • This Is The Simple Solution, Try It Out.

    The moment you are in tension
    you will lose your attention
    then you are in total confusion
    and you'll feel irritation... more »

  • When.........

    When nothing goes right,
    when days become night,
    when hope becomes hopeless,
    when goals get dim,... more »