Kasi Navadomskis Biography

My Name is Kasi. Im 19 years old, single, and on my own living wit friends. im tired of getting my heart broken. and the one man i truly loved wit my all is gone forever. the other wont talk to me ne more and matt i hope if ur looking and reading this....i want to talk to you. i miss u hunny...plz email me. <3
i've been doing well on trying to get myself on my feet and back on track. i've been looking for a job. no luck in that area yet but i'll get there. i've become stronger inside and out just by living on my own. wit a bit of help from friends i've gotten better. my depression and bipolar has not goin away it is still pretty bad but good news on that department...I STOPPED CUTTING! :) i'm so proud of myself for that on. i got myself on meds. prosac. it really helpz. other than that i've been doing pretty good. i love writing poems. i've been writing since i was about twelve years old. what brought me to turn my attention to writing was the home i was living in. all i ever put up wit in that home was abuse and neglect. so i turned to poetry to let out my true feelings. and along the way its helped me deal wit a lot of the pain i was going through. i'm so glad to be on my own now and making my own decisions on what to do wit my life. cuz i know that even tho it looks like i got it bad now...in the end all will turn out good. <3