• A Boy And A Girl Convo...

    Girl: Do you like me?
    Boy: no
    Girl: Do you want me?
    Boy: no... more »

  • A Heart Or A Hole?

    Is what i have a heart? or is it a hole? i dont really know...
    but i am sure it is a heart for if it wasnt i dont think i would feel it breaking
    you broke my heart and now there is a hole....
    so big you could fit...... more »

  • A Second Chance...But Rejected...

    to go again and take the risk.
    to try and make something happen...but fail
    trying to find my reason to keep living...
    but instead finding more to just....... more »

  • An Ever Changing World

    Here I go from one place to another
    In this ever changing world
    One thing said another done
    Another mistake fixed and gone... more »

  • Army Colors

    The colors they got
    Are green and black
    The flag they represent
    Is America... more »

  • Bottled Up Inside

    Bottled up inside are the words I never said,
    The feelings that I hide, the lines u never read.
    You can see it in my eyes, read it on my face, trapped inside are lies,
    Of the past I cannot replace.... more »

  • Broken

    ... more »

  • Darkness

    When darkness sets in i am so alone
    I have no where to go, no one to love me as deep as he did
    He left my side, leaving tears of pain in my eyes
    I still sit here today and cry... more »

  • Dead Night

    ... more »

  • Does Anyone Care? ? ?

    Does anyone care who's heart gets broken?
    Does anyone care who it is that is crying?
    Does anyone care about the one who is cutting cuz of her heartbreak?
    Does anyone anywhere care that at this moment there is a gun to her head and she's not afraid to pull the trigger and end this fucking misery?... more »

  • Faded Friends

    “Friends forever, ” you promised
    “Together till the end.”
    We did everything with each other
    You were my best friend... more »

  • Falling...

    Falling in and out of my happiness
    People leaving…his moods changing
    Our love has lost its magic…the magic only lasted a month
    And now my magic touch is gone…... more »

  • Farewell

    I said goodbye today
    To a person that meant so much
    I wouldn't leave his grave,
    It was surrounded by his touch.... more »

  • Fighting, Losing And Falling Apart...

    everyday we fight....
    for me its another battle i lost...
    another tear i cry....
    another piece of my heart broken....... more »

  • First...

    ... more »

  • Freedom! !

    let me go, set me free
    away from everything they want me to be
    Im a human and i make mistakes
    I don't want to be like them, not fakes... more »

  • Get Ready, Get Set, Dont Go

    Crying for no reason
    I'm just a baby
    You love it
    Throwing fits... more »

  • Gone In The Wind

    you have already left...
    Nothing to remember you by
    Except the guitar pick...
    I dont want to go 6 months without you... more »

  • He Doesnt Even Know....

    We barely really talk
    We jus pretty much met..
    but does he know how i feel? no....
    im afraid to let him know.... more »

  • Heartache And Break

    heartache and heartbroken..you took me in
    and made me yours. it ook me awhile
    but i eventually fell in. your eyes showed sympathy
    your words gave comfort, your heart showed love... more »

  • Hiding Under My Makeup

    Make up hides my feelings
    Make up hides my face
    So many layers of make up
    My true colors can’t be traced... more »

  • Hope

    Hope is what lies on the ground shattered to pieces
    Hope is what not many people believe in
    Hope is what most people want
    They want faith...... more »

  • How Can I Tell You

    How can I tell you my feelings
    How do I say how I feel
    How can I tell you the words in my mind
    How do I tell you the feelings in my heart... more »

  • How Do I Go On Without U?

    How do i go day by day
    with words in my mind but i can not say?
    I want to be with you
    this pain is too much to bare... more »

  • How It Started Then Ended...

    Our first kiss was a piece of heaven
    Yea so what he was high at the time
    But still…first day together was amazing... more »