• Buring Love

    We have not seen each other for quite some time but my love for you is still alive and growing like a strong burning fire in the darkness of night.
    The less I see your smile the more I know the looks on your face. The less you speak the more I hear your voice, your laugh.
    The less you hold my hand the more I feel your fingers between mine. The less you touch the more I feel the caress of your skin on mine.
    The less your lips meet mine the more I feel the hot rush of love of that kiss of life. The less you look in my eyes the more I see them in mine.... more »

  • Can'T Stand Any More

    I fucking hate you
    get out of my life
    i cant stand your bullshit and your white lies
    you go around saying you love me... more »

  • Concealed Feelings

    Crumbled papers
    Of poems about you
    Written with words
    That will never come true... more »

  • Crush Is Lust

    I once had a secret crush
    People say it must be lust
    they don't know the way i blush
    This man is so kind... more »

  • Dark Forest Of My Pain

    Running through a dark forest,
    trying to get away.
    All i see is my shadow.
    Chasing me calling my name.... more »

  • Deme Tu

    Dame un beso
    Dame el mundo
    Dame tu corazon
    yo sere tu nina... more »

  • Dieing In A Dark Rooom

    Sitting in the cornor
    in a dark quiet room
    all alone
    with all my things all packed up... more »

  • Disaster

    My harts falling into pieces all the way to the ground,
    my eyes are dripping with tears all the way down,
    I said i loved you way to many times, now you don't even belive me, and it's breaking my hart,
    I'm so stpuid for what i did to you now i lost the love of my life in a blink of an eye you took my bullshit and white lies you still loved me even past three times.... more »

  • Doesn'T Love Me

    All I do is hope and pray
    that some day she understands me
    I don't even know why she treats me the way that she does
    is it because she doesn't love me?... more »

  • God Are You There

    As I'm staring into the ceiling,
    I'm wondering if your there.
    In my time of need.
    God please be here for me.... more »

  • Hurting Relationship

    This relationship is hurting me
    even though we are apart
    and don't even speak
    I still have feeling just for you... more »

  • Is This True Love

    I got to tell you some thing,
    I don't know how to put it.
    I'm in love with you,... more »

  • Lets Fly Togather

    (Lets Fly Together)

    I know I said I want to fly,
    just fly away,... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is good.
    Love is bare.
    Love is somthing in the air.
    If you see some love go by.... more »

  • My Love Is Hidden

    My love is hidden from you.
    Theres so many words I feel,
    like I have to tell you,
    but every time I look into your eyes all I feel is rejection.... more »

  • My Strong Love

    My love for you is so strong.
    My nights are long
    Since you have been gone.
    I miss our love we use to share.... more »

  • No Mas

    No mas... more »

  • Not There With You

    I think about you all the time.
    since the first night i met you.
    when our eyes met together.
    there was a sparkle in love,... more »

  • Secret Feelings Just For You

    How happy I am when your around,
    You make me feel so great,
    There's always fun to be found,
    I wish that we could date,... more »

  • Secret Love

    think about you day after day,
    you never seem to leave my mind.
    sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
    Because i don't want to mess up in front of you... more »

  • Significado De Mi Corazon

    Eres el sentido dee mi existencia
    y la alegria de mi corazon
    y siempre que te miro...
    mi alma sonrie...y me lleno de emocion... more »

  • Strong Love

    My love for you is so strong.
    I wish it was never gone.
    My nights are long
    Because your not here with me... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    Every day I think of you
    your always on my mind
    even when I lay my head down at night
    and i don't even know why... more »

  • Tu: Jorge

    Baby I go to tell you something
    But i don't know how to put it
    i need to let you know
    but i don't know when to say it... more »

  • Why I Love You

    Take my hand
    take my whole life to
    for i cant help falling in love with you
    i even fell for that stupid love song... more »